One of Elenos’ new products, it’s undoubtedly innovative, being compact, light and powerful at the same time. Switching type power supply, telemetry, all in 3 rack units.

The ETG 1000 PFC/1 is versatility itself : as a backup unit in an N+1 transmission system, or as the main transmitter in a medium-power system ; thanks to its compact dimensions and very light weight , it is easy to transport, and can be easily installed where access is difficult. The �ace in the pack� for any faulty system - the ETG 1000 PFC/1 is an ideal investment for all Broadcasters.

ETG 1000 model features PFC ( Power Factor Corrector) circuit on power supplies input in order to reduce below limit values first 40 current harmonics emission, as requested by technical european directives (EN61000-3-2). Thanks to this device electronic equipments better protected from disturbs when connected to the mains.

Available with internal Stereo encoder and with 2 power supplies for redundancy.

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